In many cases, this is the first experience clients have with your company. Let us make sure they find it easy to navigate and love. Below you find what is included in our Website Design process and deliverables.


Sitemapping & User Flows

Getting organized, creating hierarchy, and streamlining the user flow and experience can be overwhelming. This process is necessary not just for new websites, but also for existing websites. This is where we establish the user goals and evaluate content areas to achieve the ultimate success for creating easy-to-navigate and informative websites.



The process of creating and developing each page as a wireframe allows everyone to know the exact content areas. This is the “blueprint” of your website, and its sole purpose is to outline content areas and the layout of navigation systems and all templates.


Design & Prototyping

After a clear sitemap, user flow, and wireframe of each page of your new website is in place, it is time for designing and applying your branding and identity to it. When presenting all designs, we use either InVision or Figma to prototype the entire website experience. This will allow you and your team to click through each page, provide feedback, and approve your website before going into the development phase.