We specialize in creating websites that are easy to update without touching any code. Below you find what is included in our Custom Content Management System process and deliverables.


Easy to Update

We custom-build each website with not just the user in mind, but also the team that will be maintaining it. Before launch, we schedule a CMS walk-through along with a PDF visual CMS tutorial unique to your website. If you have questions in the future, we are always available and responsive with all support requests.


Component-Based Page builder

For the last year or so, Greenline has focussed on component-based page builder CMS systems. We build out the possibility for the client to add/reorder different component “Blocks” so that they have more control of their website content. These components are designed specifically for your website and allow you to build out your pages without losing the design/styling.


Built-In SEO

Since we build out semantic HTML and integrate SEO plugins, your website will be fully SEO-friendly and indexable.


ExpressionEngine & WordPress

We use 2 different Content Management Systems: ExpressionEngine and WordPress. There are pros and cons to each. Based on your website’s complexity, size, and needs, we will recommend one of these options for you. If you have an existing website built in either, we’d be happy to jump in and help in any areas that need some attention.