Who We Are

We’re Greenline Creative, a small studio based in Columbus, Ohio. We believe that people come before technology and that technology is the catalyst to tell stories, inspire creativity, unlock new ideas, and motivate those who interact with it.

We apply this by ensuring our partners and their customers stay at the center of our process and solutions. We help them clearly define and communicate their story across all internal or external touchpoints of their business. We tell their story in a way that is not just creatively executed, but also easily understood and maintainable by those who are working with it.

Our solutions are timeless, functional, creative, and inspiring.


Our Background

Greenline Creative has over a decade of successful experience designing websites and brands for companies of various sizes and industries of all types. Companies who have chosen to partner with us over the years have done so not just because of our thoughtful approach to inclusive collaboration, or award-winning solutions, but also for the insights and lessons that we've learned throughout our experiences.

The Greenline Creative team is led by Designer and Developer Julie Field and Designer and Brand Specialist Dennis Field . They have gained extensive experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies as well as highly-backed, rapidly growing startups (and everything in between).

What started out as a vision to bring world-class branding and digital solutions to small and local businesses in Columbus, Ohio has now grown into a fully distributed studio with clients spanning the globe.

Greenline Creative has evolved over the years, but what has always been a constant is our desire to collaborate inclusively, authentically, and honestly with our customers in order to create creative solutions that inspire those who interact with us. Greenline is an extension of your team and business. We are here to guide you along the creative process of developing a world-class brand or digital solution that you don't just love to tell people about, but more importantly also drives your business forward.

Our History

Our Values

You have personal values and business values, and so do we. Those who love to work with Greenline Creative do so because they align not just on our process, but more importantly with our values. Below are a few of the values we hold dear:

  • Curiosity
  • Smart Work
  • Authenticity
  • Collaboration
  • Iteration
  • Clarity
  • Empathy
  • Focus
  • Inclusion

How We Work


We focus on discovering and recognizing areas of improvement for your brand and website.


We define the "the North Star" to work towards as we move into executing solutions and solving challenges.


We spend our time ideating, prototyping, and exploring the solutions we have defined in the Defining phase.


We work on creating the visual layer of the finalized solutions while ensuring brand consistency.


We are deep in code, building out designs, ensuring browser capabilities, ADA compliance, and device responsiveness.


We will continue to work with you to evolve, improve, and keep things tidy as your business grows.


We Are Greenline Creative

Julie Field
Julie Field Co-founder, Designer & Developer
Dennis Field
Dennis Field Co-Founder, Designer & Strategist
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